BossaBox is a Agile-Software-Squads-as-a-Service full-solution platform. BossaBox connects remote agile squads to companies seeking innovation.


a55 is the first revenue based lender financing the growth of digital and service-based SMEs in Brazil and Mexico through a platform connecting billing, bank accounts & financial management intelligence.

b2b stack

B2B Stack is the Brazilian leading B2B software review platform – it solves the big problem of educating buyers and accelerating their buying process, as Latam goes through digital transformation


SourceLevel helps software engineering teams to review code thoroughly and immediately. Saving time when reviewing code from dozens of Pull Requests and not losing track of quality.

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Gustavo Henrique Souza

Has talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs during his time as a consultant. Solid experience with B2B: setting up and scaling sales teams and building active prospecting "machines".

Currently manages a SaaS business unit at Rock Content which serves the largest media groups in the world and has employees in North America, Europe and Brazil.

Diego Gomes

Founder and CEO of Rock Content, leading content marketing startup in Latin America (˜$25million ARR).

Co-created and hacked the Dealbook. A Crunchbase-like app for tracking Brazilian VC/Angel deals. Its database about Brazil deals is twice as big as Crunchbase.

Co-authored the Brazil Startup Report.